Welcome to Inquisitive Learning

“I have no special gift. I am only passionately curious.”
Albert Einstein

E. Hall Headshot 1To be inquisitive is to be “passionately curious”. It is how I choose to live my life and it is the motivation behind this “Inquisitive Learning” blog. As a graduate student studying Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, I am on a quest. A quest for my own learning but also a quest to help others in their journey of learning as well. It is here I shall explore, inquire, share, and reflect for these are the paths to understanding.

What is it we are trying to understand? Anything, really, as our world is filled with such abundance of information and experiences. As a student I am mostly curious about information literacy, research and writing, information technology, and the infatuation of new media on our everyday lives. As a mother I am interested in guiding my children’s curiosity and bridging the gap of their inquiries to information available to them. As a member of society, I am interested in providing resources to help all individuals accept their own natural sense of adventure and to promote the rewarding endeavor of lifelong learning. As a professional, I aim to bring all this together into a platform where lifelong learning is promoted, resources and experiences are shared, and a community passionate about education, libraries, information technology and literacy is fostered.

This blog  is long overdue and has been launched as a result of class project to develop my personal learning network (PLN). This week I will begin posting about my explorations into my own PLN, its development, its challenges, and its opportunities. Its a work in progress as I know the implementation of my PLN will change from its current concept and development – but that’s the greatest part of this project and of learning itself: its transformative. Welcome to my journey towards lifelong learning – not only for myself, but the various communities I serve.